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Kaizen Academy

Fall 2021-2022; Grades 1-6

Kaizen Academy

The world of education and its students continuously change and evolve. These changes affect how we explore, learn, study and grow, inspiring the need for more imaginative ways to approach an ever evolving learning experience. With that in mind, it is a pleasure to introduce Kaizen Academy is the answer to a new educational experience that will transform, ignite and engage.

What We Offer

Learning At Kaizen

In-Person Virtual Learning

Kaizen Academy is offering In-Person Virtual Learning Assistance (IPVLA) for students in grades Kindergarten to Grade 6 from 8:30 am until 3:00 pm daily (learn more).

In-Person Tutoring

Virtual Learning have you worried about gaps in your child’s academic progress, come let us help you and your child/ children (learn more).

Our Philiosphy

"Kaizen" means continuous improvement and reflects its commitment to excellence.


The driving philosophy of Kaizen is expressed in the term Purpose Path, inspired by the writings of author Nicholas Pearce The Purpose Path: A Guide to Pursuing Your Authentic Life’s Work.’ Kaizen believes each student’s success is ultimately measured by the extent to which their education prepares them to satisfy their personal interests. To this end, Kaizen will work with each student to develop their individual interests by providing them with opportunities to explore their interests and passion.


Kaizen will support the development of independent learners by employing programming that shifts the focus of the educational process away from the teacher and onto the student thereby giving them ownership of their progress and success.


Opportunities to spark a renewed passion for the learning experience will be embedded into the program for each learner.


Every student will have the opportunity to be actively involved in the pace of their learning.  The teaching, scoring, testing and hands on learning opportunities will be a daily staple and as such will support this new learning environment.

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Fall 2021-2022; Grades 1-6